Day 1 of my vegan life!

February 22, 2010

So I love eating vegan – I do great with it and can lose weight very quickly and keep it off…. I was down to 175 before Thanksgiving and Christmas – next year I am not going to make the mistake of going off this way of eating for the holidays….. I did that last year and never got back into my routine – as a result I now weigh 183. I was on Oprah.com last night and was listening and watching some interviews with Alicia Silverstone who is a vegan and she was talking about how good she feels eating this way and it reminded me of how good I used to feel! I used to have fabulous skin, feel light and energized, and happy with how I took care of my body!! Now I am all broken out and feel bloated all the time among other fun things that eating wrong brings…. Anyway I decided to start this blog mainly to keep me accountable and so I can look back on my journey with this vegan lifestyle and weightloss!

This morning I started the day with a bowl of instant oatmeal with a little maple syrup on top… it was very satisfying and delicious! I also drank a very large glass of water and took some vitamins and hoodia.

I plan on asking my friend to take a picture of me in the swimsuit I plan on looking fabulous in by summer! If anyone is reading this thank you and I look forward to this journey!